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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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be events throughout the weekend all over san francisco we're asking the public if you see anything please is so we'll be out in numbers but not as well as the tens of thousands of people celebrating with us on a final note the documentary if you recall bat kid a little boy that was recovery from cancer the whole world decided to help him to act out his wish so i know that was a great day and a good day we were active it was unbelievable crowds and now this documentary will be presented we'll also be there because we were anticipating
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large crowds that concludes my report. >> questions for the chief. >> i saw a little bit of it the chief will be a movie star. >> one hopes i have a day job. >> (laughter). >> other questions for the chief chief i have a question you might not have it wherewith he are year to date homicides and shootings. >> we're about - we have one suspicious death but i believe at 24 year to date and we are in and around ten percent of a hundred shootings that is half of what we were in 2007 and 8 and in terms of you might not have this compared to last year were we around 24. >> last year if you remember
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the all-time record we were at 9 last year which was unprecedent pretty much in history recordkeeping we're average for the last 5 years. >> got it. >> okay. >> about half the 5 years before that. >> okay. >> inspector please calm i call the next line item director's report with right activities. >> good evening director hicks. >> good evening commissioner president loftus and chief suhr and members of the public i will update you on occ activities since i've recorded to you two weeks ago attorneys staffed the table at the june 13th celebration and the deputy city attorney eir and i
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conducted the oversight to a delegation of 25 officials from india at berkley with power and politics on june 15th panelists participated in the international association of chiefs of police webinar a collaborative approach to have a parent arrest policy chief suhr organized the webinar and in addition other presenter were mel burping at the scene and two youth i continue to attend biweekly meeting for the embarrassment working groups and manny and i meet with the bar association task force on criminal just the
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task force force to make assurance with the criminal justice system treats all people fairly it began in april and will continue for 12 months i've provided you with the article on civilian oversight as builders for trauma of arrested parents with their children that is the summer edition of make hold review it is washington d.c.'s dot n call presentation at the mayors disability meeting at this time the office of citizen complaints the presentation was an overview of the occ and the role we play in making recommendations to
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enhance community recommends ms. mar i can't think talked about the crisis cit model for the police departments response to mental health crisis calls as chief suhr mentioned we have been in the budget process over the past two weeks i've appeared twice before the board of supervisors budget & finance committee and they've recommended the 4.25 new positions and again i thank you for the opportunity to thank mayor ed lee as well as the board of supervisors so the budget will be introduced to the full board july 14th the first vote will be july 21st and the second vote jill 28 i appeared before the board of supervisors public safety committee on social justice of the san francisco police department and i reiterated the
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following 4 points sfpd should strive so for a difference racially in sexual orientation and also that the department should conduct explicit bias training for all members additional training supervisors how to detect sub ordinances and finally this should include community folks and the third about body cameras that was made by the police department and deputy chief ali and commander morriser and presented their up to date on body cameras and finally i discussed the needed budget for the office of complaints
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and the last point under donna salazar the occ mediated 7 cases 5 in june 27 cases compared to thirty as of june 30th, 2014 and as june 30th 20145 complaints were mediated that concludes my report. >> thank you director hicks any questions for director hicks colleagues? director hicks i want to make a contempt our advocacy so for the budget was skill if you have this year i think this is significant i know there were last minute questions from the corral and i think the bar association has been helpful in that group one other do outs i serve on the criminal justice task force what can we do to insure the health of the department it staffed we're almost there i want to note the excellence of our advocacy and
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thank you very much commissioner president loftus >> inspection. >> 3 c commission reports commission president's report. >> report outs together colleagues. >> well, so i will acknowledge what i think needs to be said tonight arrest chief suhr i've had been here almost every wednesday for the last 3 years and watched i handle some vexing issues with the vexing issues what i'll say if asked you're an extraordinary leader that doesn't make excuses you've
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learned from you and have tremendous respect you have not minimized results but a lot of folks make excuses and blame it on something else but you don't do that and there's a lot of work for us to do and you'll see the first i'd be remissed having watching you deal with your earned my respect and admiration and that's it anyone else. >> i'll follow-up chief i've served under 3 chiefs all terrific leaders. >> you're not a man of excuses the man has a strong support of this commissioner and probably the entire commission you don't put the blame where it belongs on people that have said or
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written about you have the support of community when it was unanimous for the community you should be our chief and you maintain that support anything to be said differently or comments by people in political office were wrong this commission works with you every night we know how you handle things i saw the tears in our eyes when the officers were indicted indicted when you saw the class worked with integrity that's all you've done a lot of things people talked about recently didn't happen on your watch you are a professional and not said that. >> something came out on father's day and i know it made an impact on our father's day you're a great dad and leader
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you're a strong part of the community and something else was said about the good ole boy networked i of us taught never to categorize to profile people there's a mention of schools in there didn't i did not go to either schools but interestingly i guess the negative thing that counts i'll i have to tell you it not something came to my attention a lot of the officers we'll zealot with in serious issues don't come from that network outside the city not born and raised in this gridlock diverse city by somewhere else chief you have my support. >> anything further okay inspector next line item. >> line item 3-d
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commissioner announcements and scheduled of items identified for the future commission meeting action. >> so colleagues, we have a few things in the hoper we're rescheduling in july but anything we've not discussed this needs to be scheduled okay inspector please call the next line item. >> public comment closed session including public comment on vote whether to hold item 6 in closed session we did not so let me back up we should have public comment for line items it through 3. >> that's me. >> any public comment on items 3 abc are d? ms. davis are you coming up
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all right. >> welcome ms. davis. >> i did hello, everyone i did want to make public comment just on the commissioners report and wanted to tie-in and say hello chief suhr. >> thank you for your hard work and working with the community and taking the lashing and the beatings that are often given in the community and still cowboy to work with the community i think that just to your consider we appreciate your dedicated to making an impact and not necessarily on just making a message that may not go anywhere i wanted to piggyback on what has been said and say i know that through the commission itself but with you you've been great trying to work on
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addressing not only the violence but pathway and ways to get people opportunities to be successful i do want to share i ran into some of the young noerp very excited about the slart salaries of police officers and they also enjoyed seeing the sessions so thank you alleyway all but thank you chief suhr for letting me work with you and develop the pathways and opportunities not in only the moment but really intentional what our future looks like for us and young people. >> sure we're so proud you're letting us be part of our work it is all you thanks. >> so this is public comment. >> it is regarding 3 abc and d.
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>> abc and d on line item 3. >> not any and all comments. >> that's fine go ahead ms. brown. >> (inaudible). >> because of old age or sickness it is quite another to experience the sudden death of a
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loved one (gunshots.) since 2004 san francisco has experienced an unprecedented number of homicides (sirens.)
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60 percent of the homicide victims are people of color their loved ones living in neighborhoods of scariest and negligent must deal with their personal tragedy while at the same time facing the crime and violence of the unsafe neighborhood their surrounded everyday (sirens.)
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you may get tired of me showing this video but i'm not tired i lost my baby and i will do this until i die and if i have to show other videos this is something my child is not here people may not like it but from the shoe was on the other foot you'd be doing the same thing i'm doing i don't know what else to do. >> thank you, ms. brown. >> is there any further comment on items 3 a through d hearing none public comment is closed. >> line item 4 public comment for closed session including whether to
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hold item 6 in closed session. >> is there any public comment on the items below including whether or not we're going to hold item 6 in closed session? hearing none public comment is closed. >> scombishg but vote on whether or not to hold item 6 in closed session administered through 67.10 action. >> second. >> >> madam president we're back in open session we have quorum thank you inspection please call the next. >> vote to elect whether or not to disclose any item in closed session san francisco administrative code 67.12 a
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action. >> colleagues do i voluntary 0 motion not to disclose. >> second, 2013>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> inspector the next line item adjournment i'm invite inspector i called you inspector - schakz to bring a motion to adjourn in honor of someone special. >> with you don't ordinarily do this we skrrm with a memory of a retired member of the police department but the retired martin who retired two years ago what makes him unique i retired after 45 years of services with the san francisco police department i've been told inspector monroe is going to try to beat that record and marty is a native san franciscan and went
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to the unspoken schools in the articles but trained many of the new officers and new inspections i remember he came to this when with we retired he knew it was time when they said you worked with our father no inspector he was buried on friday the chief and i were present i want 0 adjourn for his many years of service. >> do i have o a second. >> opposed we're adjourned in his honor
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yeah. that's it. [off-key notes] announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. when you adopt a child from foster care just being there makes all the difference.
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. >> good evening and welcome to the wednesday, july 1, 2015 meeting of the san francisco board of appeals the preferring will be commissioner president lazarus and joined by commissioner vice president honda and commissioner fung and commissioner swig and commissioner wilson to my left is deputy city attorney responsibility bryan with legal advice and the legal vaunted mr. pacheco and i'm cynthia goldstein the board's executive director we're joined by city departments